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PARK(ing) Day 2009…

PARKing Day - 9 - 2009

PARK(ing) Day Philly was Friday, September 18th. PARK(ing) Day is an annual national event where citizens reclaim parking spaces and re-imagine other possibilities that space could be used for.  Check out this picasa album of spaces across Philly, including the space taken over by the Cynwyd Heritage Trail and Ivy Ridge Trail gang in front of La Colombe on Main Street. We got a lot of attention that day!

Thanks to Kevin Smith, Jane Green, Annie Scott, and Kay Sykora for the astroturf and plants. Great thanks to Cadence Cycling for loaning us a couple of the bikes! Also, thanks to Chris Leswing for printing some giant maps of the trail and trail connections. Until next year…

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Penn Weekend Service Scrubs Ivy Ridge Trail


Huge thanks to Nicole Dillard at Penn Weekend Service for bringing a wonderful band of University of Pennsylvania Students out to Ivy Ridge Trail last Saturday.

Penn gave Ivy Ridge the complete treatment, leveling the path between the old Manayunk Station platforms, pushing the brush another yard back from the trail shoulder, and cutting a clear path to the Manayunk Bridge and the Schuylkill overlook.

Thanks as well to Tom Landsmann for tools and to SEPTA for repairing the access gate behind us. We are extremely grateful for what great partners we have both up and down the river!

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Schuylkill River Trail: Survey

The Schuylkill Project has worked for several years to create a vision, projects and help bring people to the river. Take a moment to lend a hand in a simple, practical way: take this survey to let them know how you use the trail, what you love, and what you’d like changed.

Your participation is incredibly useful to ALL of the river advocates in East Falls, Manayunk, Roxborough and Shawmont as we work with the city to improve our communities’ waterfront.

P.S. Post this link to your Facebook profile and spread the word, would you? Thanks!

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Cynwyd Trail Design & Happy Hour

Cynwyd Header

Come out for a beer on Friday, October 2nd to join a discussion on the design of the Cynwyd Heritage Trail in Lower Merion. The Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant will be hosting, and trail designers Kim Douglas and Bryan Hanes will be lead.

The event runs from 5 to 6:30pm. Afterward there will be a sunset walk back to Cynwyd Station on the trail. More event information will be available at, and

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