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Two on Tuesday: Schuylkill Center


Ivy Ridgers — this Tuesday (8/3) we’re venturing out of the neighborhood to the Schuylkill Center with our friends Tom and Rich. We did this last year and it was a blast.

So let’s meet at Union Jack’s at 6pm and ride up to the Schuylkill Center from there. We’ll work from 6:30 until the gas runs out, and have refreshments afterward. RSVP if you need us to save you a seat.

If you want to meet us there, that’s fine:

There’s LOTS to tell about the Trail, about the Fountain Street Steps and the rest of our work in Ivy Ridge. Come on out and let’s trade stories — it’s always good to see you all.

WHAT: “Two on Tuesday” at the Schuylkill Center
WHERE: Meet at Union Jack’s, 6pm for a ride
RSVP to: Chris, 610.812.8931

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Ivy Ridge Rails Up


Just like that — and the rails are gone.

In 5 mid-June days, a subcontracted crew with a truck from Tennessee removed every remaining rail from the Manayunk Bridge to the Ivy Ridge Regional Rail station. (Hey, it’s looking more like a trail all the time…)

The ties remain – removing them would require a separate contract that would cost SEPTA money, whereas they made a few dollars by scrapping steel from the rails.

But it looks gorgeous out there. Click the photo above for another couple photos of the rail bed, and plan on joining us in July for another cleanup of Canton Street.

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