City awarded $1.3 to open the Manayunk Bridge


On Thursday, PennDOT announced $24 million for smart transportation projects around the state — and funds to open the Manayunk Bridge, at $1.3 million, made the cut.

No kidding. Looks like Manayunk is going to be reunited with “West Manayunk.”

Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler and Stephen Buckley of the Mayor’s Office of Transportation pulled this off – big thanks to them, and the team at SEPTA that opened the door to this idea. Those of us who have worked on this locally know that Kay Sykora (Schuylkill Project), Sarah Stuart (Bicycle Coalition) and Chris Leswing (Lower Merion) have worked their tails off to get us to the table. This project couldn’t be in better hands. If this bridge gets a trail, you all drink free in Manayunk.

Congratulations, too, to all the volunteers at Ivy Ridge Green who stepped up a couple of years ago to provide a partner to this project on the Philadelphia side of the river. Ace job, and a hell of a fun group of people.

We still need your help.

Philadelphia still needs to complete the Schuylkill River Trail. Come to the cleanup this MLK Jr. Day, the 17th, to get your back into it. Or become a member of the Bicycle Coalition and make a donation — they have a track record of turning our lunch money into millions of dollars for the Philadelphia trail system. The Manayunk Bridge is just one (brilliant) piece of what we hope can be a 14-mile green transportation corridor that will link Montgomery and Delaware Counties through the heart of Philadelphia.

Nearer to home, keep an eye out for the trail design process for Ivy Ridge this Spring / Summer, and the beginning of construction on the Cynwyd Heritage Trail. There’ll be plenty of changes to get involved.

This is happening, folks!

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