Want a Street Tree?

Ivy Ridge Green is affiliated with the Roxborough Tree Tenders who, through the TreeVitalize program, will be planting trees in our area in the spring and fall.

How can I get a tree?

The simplest way is to have us take a look at your sidewalk to determine if you’re eligible. Fill out the form below and we will schedule a visit with you:

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Application Form

You can get a head start by downloading and filling this form [DOC]. Learn more about the value of trees to your house and your block here. Consult this document on trees and sewer laterals and this piece on why your should avoid “mulch volcanoes” for the finer points.

These are the basic guidelines:

  • Minimum 3×3-foot tree pit size; larger where possible.
  • Not in front of steps, doorways, or alleyways, or between handicapped parking signs.
  • Not in front of homes that are posted for sale.
  • Allow 30 feet from stop signs, traffic lights, and street corners.
  • Allow 15 feet from light poles, utility poles, and fire hydrants.
  • Allow 15-30 feet from other trees (depending on mature size and form)
  • Allow 5 feet from driveways, man-hole covers, storm drains, and main utility lines.
  • Edge of tree pit should be at least 18 inches from utility lines (or soil must be dug by hand.
  • Edge of tree pit should be at least 36 inches (3 feet) from steps, stoops, or walls to allow unobstructed sidewalk.

Why get a tree?

There is a great list of reasons here, but consider:

  • Street trees provide multiple benefits to property owners and to the entire community.
  • Street trees increase the value of your property.
  • Street trees provide shade and decrease your air conditioning costs.
  • Street trees are good for air and environment.
  • Street trees provide needed habitat for birds.
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