Working With SEPTA to Keep Ivy Ridge Clean & Safe


Manayunk is shot through with land owned by public agencies and private agencies like SEPTA: think of Germany Hill (Fairmount Park), Fountain Street Steps (City of Philadelphia, Water Department), and Ivy Ridge Trail (SEPTA) — just to name a few of that pieces that we care an awful lot about. This “in between” land makes up a lot of the character of Ivy Ridge, and maintaining it is an expensive hassle no matter which agency is trying to keep up with the trash & vines.

So let’s take a minute to just acknowledge the work SEPTA has done, over the years, to keep both the old and active R6 lines in shape and to partner with groups like Ivy Ridge Green who work with them to continue the effort.

Thanks to SEPTA’s team downtown — Lydia Gross, Joseph Devanney, and Enjoli Edwards — for getting us credentials every time we host volunteer cleanups. Thanks to Wendy Green-Harvey, in Government Affairs, for walking the line with us and helping to coordinate SEPTA’s maintenance with the neighbors. And thanks to Ed Wallace, the engineers, and the maintenance staff who have worked so hard to secure the safety of the bridges over Leverington and the Schuylkill River.

It’s my hope that eventually the old R6 can be leased to the City and the neighborhood as “Ivy Ridge Trail” and improved so that it is a safe, clean amenity for ‘Yunkers and a river-spanning connection to our friends in Lower Merion. But in the meantime, take a minute to send SEPTA your appreciation and remind your neighbors that we’re all pulling in the same direction here:

Please: if you see anyone dumping trash or tires, throwing rocks off any of the SEPTA bridges, or destroying SEPTA’s fencing, notify the Friends of Ivy Ridge Trail ( and Ed Wallace ( Thanks in advance!

— Chris

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